Overspray Protection

We expect a lot from our carpets. Home and business owners in Fort Rock, Oregon see just how much wear and tear carpets experience over the years, with day after day of spills, stains, foot traffic, and tracked in debris. All of this will make the fibers that make up the carpet degrade much sooner if your carpets go unprotected. Rainbow International Restoration overspray protection in Fort Rock, Oregon provides the protection that keeps your carpets looking and feeling their best over time.

Many manufacturers of new carpet will apply overspray protection at their factory, protecting the carpet initially for a period of a couple of years. Home and business owners of Fort Rock, Oregon may not realize this, and wonder why their carpet begins to look dingy so quickly after this period of time is over. Additional overspray protection applied to the carpet every 1 to 2 years will keep carpets looking fresh and new.

Benefits of Adding Overspray Protection

  • Reduce Stains - Spills happen, and on carpet spills lead to long-lasting and damaging stains. A protective overspray layer from Rainbow International Restoration in Fort Rock, Oregon will stop these spills from seeping into the carpet causing those stains that never seem to come out. With overspray protection, these spills will “ball up” on the surface of the carpet so they can be cleaned away easily.
  • Reduce Wear and Tear - Many don’t notice just how much wear and tear carpets are expected to withstand, and this rings particularly true in those high traffic areas. Wear and tear breaks down the fibers of the carpet, shortening its lifespan over time. With Rainbow International Restoration overspray protection in Fort Rock, Oregon, you’re providing your carpet with that extra needed layer of protection.
  • Keep the Carpet Cleaner - Overspray protection in Fort Rock, Oregon also provides an overall cleaner and healthier carpet. With overspray protection from Rainbow International Restoration, the regular dirt and debris that is tracked onto the carpet will not be allowed to settle in, so it’s easier to clean with regular vacuuming and cleaning practices. This leaves you with a healthier carpet more regularly.
  • Reduce the Need to Hire Professional Stain Removers - Some stains can’t be removed without professional assistance, and this can be an inconvenience for home and business owners of Fort Rock, Oregon. Professional stain removal differs from professional deep cleanings, and it’s a separate service that may need to be performed to get out those particularly stubborn stains. Rainbow International Restoration overspray protection can limit or eliminate the need for professional stain removal overall.

Ways That Overspray Protection Wears Off

It's recommended that you have a new layer of overspray protection added once every two years, or every time that you have your carpeting professionally cleaned. Overspray protection can wear off for a variety of reasons:

  • Foot Traffic - The weight and friction of a person walking across the carpet will eventually cause the protective overspray to disappear over time.
  • Stains - The more you have to clean up stains, the more wear you are causing to the carpet - especially if you are rubbing the stains out improperly instead of just wiping.
  • Pets
  • Children

If you are scheduling a professional cleaning for your carpeting with Rainbow International®, then be sure to have them apply another layer of protective overspray as well in order to ensure that your carpet will look good for a long time to come. Contact Rainbow International today for more information on keeping your carpets clean with the use of overspray protection.